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The GVS Photo Archive

Vidigami is a photo sharing and archiving system designed for independent schools. Green Vale teachers and the communications team have been using Vidigami since 2017 to curate a library of photos so that by the time your child graduates, you'll have documentation of their entire GVS journey! 

For New Users
  • Look for an email sent directly from Vidigami today.
  • Click the link and log in using the email address that you received this message on and any password (please note we do not have access to your password information and you will need to "Reset Password" if you forget it).
  • Click "Start Using Vidigami."
  • For access from your phone, install the Vidigami mobile app. (Search for the app in the App Store or Google Play.)
For Returning Users
  • Log out of any previously bookmarked Vidigami page and log back in to ensure summer updates are included.
  • If the Vidigami icon on your mobile device looks like a rainbow, please delete it and click here to install the latest version of the app featuring a mint green icon.
  • Access from a desktop or laptop is still the same: 
Four Ways to Access Vidigami 
  • Vidigami mobile installed on your cell phone (refer to above instructions link) 
  • GVS mobile app (Vidigami button on home screen)
  • (desktop or laptop)
  • Use large button on the GVS Parent Portal landing page
Locating Your Child's Class
  • Click “Explore” to see the menu of grade levels.
  • Click the name of the grade level.
  • Within a grade level, see “Event Albums” on the right. Click “see all” to reveal all of the homerooms.
  • Click a teacher album name and choose “Posts” to view the uploaded photos.
Photo Tagging
  • Photos where your child has been tagged will appear by clicking your child's name/photo that appears at the top left side of the page (under The Green Vale School).
  • Tagging is currently a manual process; if you come across a photo of your child that has not been tagged, you may select the tag button and enter your child's name.
  • Please note that Vidigami features security measures designed with school parents' needs in mind. All meta-data (tags, names, location, dates, etc.) associated with each photo are stripped before any photo can be downloaded. 

For more help, please refer to Navigating Vidigami or contact Chloe Johnson with any questions.