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GVS Mobile App

Stay in the Know About All Things GVS! 

Getting Started
  • Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for "The Green Vale School".
  • Download and open the app. (It's free!)
  • When prompted, select "Parent" and enter password "Reflection".
  • Follow initial set-up cues, choosing teams, clubs, divisions, and grade levels relevant to you. (You can easily add or subtract later.)
  • Be sure to "Enable Notifications". We promise these will be used sparingly, but you will want to receive these key updates. (For example: "Bus running 15 minutes late returning from xyz field trip")
  • No need to allow your location to be shared (personal preference).
Using the App
  • Navigation is intuitive using two menus:
    • the "Home" screen with buttons for access to the Academic Portal, directories, Vidigami, and various quick links
    • the icons across the bottom of the screen or Home, Calendar, Groups, Notifications
  • Within the app, you will need to enter your individual GVS portal login for certain content that has to remain password protected such as the family directory and Academic Portal.
  • Please note: membership in grades, divisions, teams and groups is managed by user selection not by the School. To confirm that you have the access you need, click "Groups" on the bottom menu and review your choices. To make changes, click "Manage Groups". You will be asked to re-enter the passcode Reflection. Be sure you have selected a division (ie. for a 1st Grader select the Lower School group) in addition to the grade(s) relevant to your child(ren).
  • Notifications will pop up on your phone and disappear when swiped; if you want to go back and view a notification later, they are archived for your convenience either within each specific Group or collectively under the "Notifications" tab at the bottom of the screen.

The GVS App enables easier access to website, portal, and calendar content, as well as key notifications ONLY about what's relevant to your family. 

Getting Help
Chloe Johnson is available to answer user questions.