Generations of parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni and friends have shared time, talent and resources to help advance the School and maintain its margin of educational excellence that exists today.

To continue this legacy in nourishing our vibrant program and talented teachers, the Development Office works closely with the Board of Trustees, the Parents’ Association, and the School Administration in promoting all aspects of community building and fundraising for the School.


Why Fund-Raising?

Green Vale’s financial structure is based on the traditional independent school model, where tuition is kept as low as possible and the subsequent budget shortfall is funded by voluntary annual giving and an applicable endowment draw.

Like most independent schools, Green Vale’s tuition rates only cover 80% of the School’s annual operating expenses. Additional revenue is necessary to cover the shortfall between tuition and full operating expenses. We ask for money beyond tuition in order to ensure the School’s margin of excellence – quality teachers, enhanced program, suitable technology, safe facilities, and more. Green Vale is a designated 501c3 charitable organization.

Many people ask why Green Vale does not charge full tuition – there are 3 basic reasons:

  1. We keep tuition as low as possible in order to attract as many qualified students as possible.
  2. Tuition rates must remain competitive and in range of other local independent schools.
  3. Green Vale is a designated 501c3 charitable organization. A charitable gift to Green Vale is tax-deductible. In after-tax dollars, tuition plus a charitable gift is less expensive than increasing tuition to cover the full cost.

Parent Participation

The percentage of parents who make a gift, of any size, to the Annual Fund is very important. All schools aim for 100% parent participation. High participation is a vote of confidence, an important sign that virtually all parents invest in their children’s welfare and support the mission of the School. This percentage can also have an impact from outside sources; most foundations consider parent participation rates before donating funds to a school.

When you choose a school like Green Vale for your child, you choose a community for your family. We’d be more than happy to talk with you about the partnership of families and school in providing an optimal educational experience for all of our students.