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2018-2019 Annual Fund List

(donor list as of 6/6/19)

Thank you to all those who have made a pledge or gift to this year’s Annual Fund!
If you have any questions or would like to make a gift, please contact the Development Office at 516-621-2420

Jackie and Andy Aaron
Stephanie H. Aaron '07
Andrew D. Abbott '01
Lorin and Rocky Agostino
Puja and Sanjay Ahuja
Sheryl and Christopher Albanese
Marilyn and Russell Albanese
Lisa and Christopher Aldridge
Stephanie Sim Allison '96
Liza and Sergio Alvarez
Sandy and Frank Alvino
Samantha and John Amante
David N. Anderson '39
J. Bryan Anthony '59
Silas R. Anthony, Jr. '54
Robert W. Anthony '60
Gabrielle and Louis Bacon
Jessica B. Baker '99
Karen and John Baker
Barbara and Tom Bancroft  '44
Sarah Bancroft
J. Cryder Bancroft '03
Rukhsana and Mohammad Bari
Laurie Pile Barrett '68
Ella J. Barry
Liz and Joe Barry
Patricia Barry
Bradley J. Bartolomeo '93
Joyce and Robert Bartolomeo
Theodora M. Baxter '99
Debra and Anson Beard
Veronica and Jamie Beard
Jay and Kirsten Isaksen Benjamin '94
Joan Ames and Asa Berkowitz
Phillip and Lauren Powell Beyer '95
Kristin and Michael Bianco
Laura and George Bilicic
William S. Bilicic '13
Christopher A. Bilicic '13
Jamie and Fran Biondi
Jennifer Drukier and Matthew Birnbaum
Mary-Lenore Blair '50
Tatiana and Martin Bloch
Marianne and Robert Bock
James Borynack and Adolfo Zaralegui
Daryle L. Bost '86
Laura Bostwick '60
Thomas S. Bostwick '92
Barbara and Joel Boyarsky
Clare and Sterling Brinkley
Georgiana B. Brinkley '07
Sterling B. Brinkley III '06
Lisa and Tim Broadbent
Ian G. Broadbent '13
Alana and Ian Brock
Suzanne and Eric Brook
Diana Dwyer Brooks '65
Elizabeth Pilkington Brown '96
Katharine Ulman Brush '44
Arnhilt and Horst Buelte
Lauren and David Burman
Martha and Jeff Busconi
Anne and Russell Byers
William R. G. Byers III '13+
James F. Byers '15
Alexander Byers '17
Lisa and Dan Bystrom
Ron-Alyse and Chip Cammerer
Kathleen Cannon
Amy and Bryan Carlson
Colleen O'Rourke Carson '68
Lisa A. Catapano '85
Catharine Mellon and John M. Cathey '79
Hiromi Kishimoto and Frank Cavallo
Niphaphorn Phonnam-In and Michael Cervini
Awilda and George Chacon
Susan and Edward Chesnik
Mary Lee and Rob Citrino
Emory M. Clark III '03
Betsy Clark
Stephanie and Chase Coleman '90
John O. Coleman
Kim and Payson Coleman
Maggie and Jonathan T. Connors '95
Debra Connors
Janet and Thomas Constance
Ann and Elliot Conway
Jamie Bartolomeo Cooper '96
Cornelia Gerry Corbett '58
Sandra Towl Corcoran '53
Vittorio E. Cottafavi '92
Missy and Peter Crisp '46
Jessica and Douglas Crofton
Michelle and Brad Cuddeback '86
Katie Cuddeback
Paula and Christoph Cushman '88
Stefan H. Cushman '84
Brian and Trish Constance D'Anna '93
Kelley and Chris Davis
Beth and Corbin Day
Stephanie J. de Lesseps '13
Anton G. de Lesseps '14
Ellen Niven and Tristram Deery
Lynn and Richard DeMatteis
Nelson DeMille
Leo E. Deng '17
James E. Deng '18
Lilly and Long Deng
Maura and William Dick
Jennifer and Robert Dickerson
Angela and Tom diGaloma
Francesca S. diGaloma '08
Jacqueline I. diGaloma '06
Camilla G. diGaloma '11
Dale and Don DiNunzio
Didi and Peter Dirkes
Eric and Brianne Goodman Dishaw '96
Kathryn M. Dissinger '04
Brooke and Lynn E. Dixon '87
Elizabeth and Peter Dixon
Meredith and Carl Doerge
Mary Beth and Joe Donohue
Brian and Ashley Levien Dooley '00
Philip Doroszczyk '15
Rebecca and Jesse Dougherty
Barbey and Edward Dougherty
Barbara Baldwin Dowd '64
Suzy and Andrew Dubuque
Jennifer and J.P Duffy '90
Michael A. Dunlaevy '59
William S. Eakins, Jr. '65
Adele and James Eckel
Mollie Eckelberry
Dalith and Todd Edgar
Ashton G. Eldredge, Jr. '51
Jennifer and Stephen Ely
Sterling B. Ely '96
John and Lisa McGrath Evans  '64
Lee Grimes Evans '60
John Eydenberg '87
Diane and Bob Fagiola
Pantelis K. Fakiris
Vasiliana and Gus Fakiris
Alice and Hugh Falls
Debbie and Vinny Feeks
Doreen and Mark Ferraro
Jeanne Franklin Ferrer '64
Robert and Susan Ferris 79
Cami and Tom Filandro
Lauri and Rob Fine
Ms. Alison Fletcher
Kelly and Peter Flink
Susan and Jack Foley
Anne and John Forlines
Kitty and Paul Fowler '59
Justin D. Fredericks '92
Sandy and Steve Fredericks

Jack and Caroline Salas Gage '97
Kathy and Terry Gahagan '78
Leslie Poole Gallagher '89
Amy and Chris Garcia
Linda and John Gardiner
Meredith Aaron Gebhardt '04
Anne and Robin Geddes '54
Libbie F. Gerry '56
William F. Gerry '69
Kitty and Ebby Gerry  '47
Wendy and Jim Gillies '90
Alicia and Craig Gitlitz
Michelle and Tim Gokey
Karla and Julian Gonzalez
Carolyn and Oliver Grace
Robert Grace
Kristin and Geoffrey Graham
Megan and Tim Grant '89
Alecia Grant
Alexander C. Green '10
Oliver R. Green '12
Georgina C. Green '14
Alexander A. Green '93
Sandy and Joe Green

Jonathan M. Harris '68
Nancy Gwathmey Harris '47
Whitney H. Hartmeyer '08
Tyler Hartmeyer '12
Bridget B. Hatton '06
Chrysoula and Vasilios Hatzikiriakou
Caitlin Hausser
John and Wendy Doubleday Havens '71
Lilly H. Havens '07
Lucile Walker Hays '53
Maggie and David Healy
Kathryn Wilmerding Heminway '80
Wendy Crisp Henderson '80
Jenna Armon Hendricks '95
Emily P. Herzig '04
Samuel A. Herzig '06
Tom  Herzig
Thomas L. Higginson '63
Richard Hirt
Nicole and Bryan Hogan
Victoria M. Holm '01
David R. Holmes, Sr. '62
Theodora Winthrop Hooton '44
Sloane A. Hughes '12
Bailey P. Hughes '14
Philip C. Iglehart '53
Cania S. Infante
Beatrice W. Ingham
Marjorie and Fredd Isaksen
Meaghan and John Janedis
Ms. Alexa Janow '17
Douglas S. Johnson '12
Lizzie Kase and Craig Johnson
Riggs W. Johnson '13+
Albert T. Johnson, Jr. '55
Harriet C. Jones '14
 Bridgit X. Jones '16
Jake Katz '15
 Mackenzie R. Katz '19
Jayne Teagle Keith '63
Justine Pilkington Keithline '86
John and Gabrielle DeMatteis Keller '97
Mary Beth and Michael Kelly
Bethany and Parker Kelsey
Jeff and Jenny Bancroft Kelter '79
Katherine B. Kelter '11
Caroline W. Kelter '15
Victoria Greenleaf and Michael Kempner
Kevin and JoAnne Constance Kenny '90
Timothy Shevlin Key '69
Henry W. Kimmel '75
Mary Colgate Kirk '54
Gale Arcuni Kirkwood '58
Virginia M. Knott '02
 David '99 and Alexis Barnett Knott '85
Alice Hong and Wilson Ko
Jennifer and John Koski
Ulka and Tarush Kothari
Daria M. Kotlarchuk '93
Alex and Chris Trani Koundourakis '89
Ellen B. Kritzman '51
Christopher A. Lall '17
Frances Tria and Arvind Lall
Doretta and Robert LaPorta
Hope Whitney Lapsley '55
Jennifer and Paul Latham
Sherry Lawrence
Elise Harrison Lemmon '76
Maria and Mark Lustig
Annette and Lutz Lingnau
Judith Sperry MacEwan '53
Chiara and James Mai
Regina Del Rosario and Rishi Malhotra
Jennifer and Michael Marco
Barbara and Barry Marrs
Marshall  '80 and Cristina Mariani May '86
Robin Maynard
Alexis and Tim McAndrew
Jeanne and David McAndrew
Keenan C. McBride '02
Caroline and Dan McBride
F. Page McClean '95
William McClean '91
Ferrell and Chi McClean
Cynthia McClintock '60
Heather and Mark McDonnell
Ellen and Howard McGee
Melissa and Stephen Meister
Christopher J. Merrill '09
Alexander O. Merrill '13+
Charles N. Merrill '15
James G. Merrill '18
Katherine Meyer Merritt '78
Devon Metz
Marilyn and Marty Metz
Florence Danforth Meyer '99
Miranda Brooks Meyer '80
Cora and Clarence Michalis
Nancy G. Milburn '70
Tina Crisp Miller '84
Janet Henning Miller '65
Susan and Ronald Miller
Jodi and Ted Mills
Lili and Ambrose Monell
Lisa Chea and Michael Morgan
Lisa Hay Morrin '70
Tina Milburn Morris '64
Renee and Carlos Morrison
Nina and Willy Morton, Jr. '84
Mary Mulhearn
Catherine and Birch Mullins
Lori and Louis Narotsky
Lawrence A. Narotsky '15
Marie and Patrick Nett
Martin H. Nickerson '54
Heather and Nicholas Nielsen
Zoé and Mark Nyitray
Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom
Arianne and Hugh O'Kane '93
Patricia and Hugh O'Kane
Kimberly and John O'Kane '99
Frank O'Keefe '18
Conor O'Keefe '18
Robert M. Olmsted '54
Catherine Bedrick O'Neill
George D. O'Neill '41
Louise O'Rourke
Innis O'Rourke III '65
Dottie and Frank Pace
Glenda Palmer
Katharine Anthony Palmer '69
Gioia and Greg Panossian

Robert C. Parker '13
William A. Parker '14
Kathryn F. Parker '15
Samuel E. Parker '20
Peter J. Pell Sr. '56
Haven '59 and Simmy Stockman Pell '65
Thomas L. Pell
Marla and Dwight Peltzer
R. Anderson Pew '50
Ashley and Ogden Phipps '93
Robin and John Pickett
Whitney D. Pidot, Jr. '88
Missy and Flip Pidot '91
Sterling Pile III '66
Helen and Bob Pilkington
Gillis Poll
Madison K. Poll '17
Alexandra K. Poll '18
and Thomas B. Poole
Grant and Christy French Porter '66
Harold '51 and Frances Gillmore Pratt  '53
Emma and Karl Qin
Joseph Quartararo
Crisler and Peter Quick
Preethi and Hari Rajan
Callie I. Randall
Nina Randall
Henry S. Reeder, Jr. '53
Liz and Jay Remsen '72
Matthew P. Restaino '04
Marie and Charles Rizzo
Margaret Holmes Robbins '56
Alexander T. Robertson '94
Hanna and Taylor Robinson '98
Peter T. Robinson '66
Christey Robinson
Kimberly Cushny Roddy '99
Amy Falls and Hartley Rogers
Ron R. Romeo
Julie and Tim Rooney
Jill and Douglas Rorech
Allison and David Rosen
Jessica and Alon Rosin
Christin and Tommy Rueger
Wright and Missy Moffett Rumbough '48
Charlotte C. Russell '05
Hollis F. Russell
Audrey and Tommy Ruttura 
Susan and Frank Salsone
George K. Sargent III '58
Emily and David Schaible
Brooke and Steven Schonfeld
Michele and Greg Schwab
Catherine and Konrad Schwarz
Lisa and David Scully
Allison and Robert Shea
Bobby J. Shea, Jr.
Tanya and Brian Sheehan
Richard J. Shelala '97
Jiagi A. Shi
Lihui Qi and Xiuming Shi
Gina and David Sigal
Mara and Baron Silverstein
Robinson Simonds, Jr. '62
William H. Simonds '58
Herbert L. Smith III '45
Magdelaine Anthony Smith '57
Thomas S. Snedeker '56
Natalie Fell Spencer '51
Kearney and Dan Staniford '87
James R. Steers III '67
George H. Steers '68
Jeffrey T. Steiner '92
Andreas M. Stenbeck '00 *
Christian H. Stiger '66
Theodore P. Streibert '55
Denise J. Sutherland
John P. Sweeney '18
Nancy Bryan Taylor '44
Janet and Teague Teagle '64
Clifton '97 and Christina Porter Teagle '97
Louise and Bart Tiernan
George H. Tilghman, Jr.
Warren I. Titus, Jr. '41
Kathleen O'Kane Tobin '95
Pamela Reid Trippe '54
Jill and Frank Troise
Peter P. Twining '61
Kristine Vanini
Christine and Janis Vitols
Ann Crisp von Stade '82
Liz  Munson and Bobby von Stade '66
Kathy Zhu and Jimmy Wang
Eleanor C. Ward '73
Nancy S. Ward '77
Michael v. S. Ward '69
Larry Ward '40
Nannie Von Stade Ward '42
Arielle P. T. Warren '13+
Marshall C. Warren '15
Elizabeth D. Warriner '54
Anne and Stephen Watters
Cheryl L. Webb
Marie and Peter Webel
Julia and Jack Weidinger
Nancy Weidinger
Arlee and Richard Weiss
Andree Devendorf Welsh '71
Robert B. Whitney, Jr. '57
Sarah Bartholomew Wilkinson '87
Natalie Wolcott Williams '78
John H. Willock '50
John Wilmerding '52
Harrison and Cackie Bostwick Wilson '72
Peter B. Wilson '03
Josi and Alfred Winkler
John Witsell
Susie and Lee Woody
Christian C. Works '05
Miles J. Works '07
Joanna and Oliver Wriedt
Jie Li and Wenli Xue
Bonnie and Xiang Hua Xu
Despina and Michael Yarian