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When Green Vale announced that this fall's "Friday Night Lights" all-school spirit event and family picnic would include a version of "Cupcake Wars", competitive and creative juices began flowing within the community. 28 teams entered extravagant cupcake displays, all with Green Vale-related themes. There were riffs on the school year theme of flexibility, the knight mascot from our school seal, the current construction project, and of course, Go Blue, Go Gold, and Go Green Vale!

The panel of expert judges consisting of the three division directors awarded first place to 5th Graders Stella DiPasquale and Will Troise for their circus-snowcone themed display. The prize for first place was more than a blue ribbon and bragging rights: it was a $500 gift card redeemable at any Americana or Wheatley Plaza shop. 

While most kids would gravitate toward new sneakers, toys from Funky Monkey, cool clothes, or even gourmet chocolates, Will and Stella had a different aspiration. They decided to use most of the $500 to purchase items for Green Vale's all-school service project held during Fall Festival, for which each grade collects specific donation items to package for needy families and individuals. The morning before Fall Festival, Stella and Will presented Dr. Dougherty with overflowing bags of groceries and other staples. "I was happy because we were helping other kids," said Stella.