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An impressive number of Green Vale students have been selected to participate in a music festival consisting of choral, band, and orchestral groups assembled from a vast pool of nominees from public and independent schools throughout Nassau County in January. As noted by Jessica Chen, "entrance is extremely competitive and this is truly an honor."

In 5th Grade, Grace B., Graham L., Joy B., Whitney C., and Harper P. were selected for chorus. Dhruv K. (flute) will participate in the band portion. For 6th Grade, Ana Sophia C., Camila C., Alexandra C., Anna Sophia B., Josh M., and Augustine S. were selected for chorus. Jack D. (string bass) and William G. (viola) were selected for orchestra. Two 7th Graders were selected for chorus: Eleanor R. and Harry S.; Hillary E. (violin) was selected for orchestra. The following 8th Graders were selected for chorus: Daniella B., Charlie W., Jack J., and Katrina S.; Katrina W. (flute) was selected for band.

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