Not pictured: Joanne Pappas


The long-running Faculty Book Club, led by Valerie Field, decided at its February gathering to launch a second book club devoted to bringing students and faculty together for a different type of dialogue: one where the adults and the young people are equal participants. As part of Green Vale's Portrait of Learning, GVS is an avowed "community of adult learners." So why not learn alongside our incredibly thoughtful students? So went the thinking and so went the first session...with a degree of success that exceeded high expectations. 

The chosen text was "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas. An entirely voluntary, after-school meeting lasted an hour but all reported they could have continued much longer. The powerful young adult text explores themes of race and justice and equality and culture and history and privilege...and the discussion did too. 

Just as the main character in the book pledges to "never be quiet" in the face of injustice or inequality, the group around the table spoke about ways to advance social justice within our own community.