Where Every Child is Known and Inspired to Excel, to Lead, to Care

A priority in the Early Childhood years at Green Vale is the development of a healthy identity for each child through empathy. Understanding others helps children understand themselves and vice versa. To underscore this, the entire EC faculty has read and discussed an excellent book, both among adults and in the classrooms with students: I am Human: A Book of Empathy by Susan Verde. Readers are reminded that we can all hurt -- and be hurt. And because we are human, we can make choices. These books have formed the foundation of a shared Social Emotional Learning (SEL) library. In addition, teachers are taking inventories of books to ensure that all classrooms contain sufficient "windows and mirrors" through which children can recognize themselves and learn about others, in addition to balancing levels and genres. This exercise is inspired by a TED talk by Grace Lin: "The Windows and Mirrors of your Child's Bookshelf." Early Childhood also hosted a speaker for parents as part of the ongoing "Early Childhood Development Series", an expert on Yale's SEL program. This seminar, presented in collaboration with The Parent Collective, was extremely well attended and well received, with attendees remaining long after the presentation.