Each fall, Green Vale's Early Childhood division executes a food drive to support local families in need. Food insecurity is an under-recognized problem and a concept that small children can grasp and feel empowered to help solve. Coming together through common empathy is a lesson in social emotional learning that can't begin too young. 

A sizable donation from the Dooley family

A sizable donation from the Dooley family

Donations of food and gift cards are collected at school and each Friday, students help carry items to a truck belonging to Glen Cove Youth Bureau, the organization responsible for distributing the food. Division Director Kelly Flink reports that the generosity she has seen from families has been extremely moving. 

"The Youth Bureau and Green Vale have partnered for over five years ago and the relationship gets stronger and stronger as the years go by," says Executive Director Spiro Tsirkas. "We have collected over 3,000 pounds of food and $500 from Green Vale so far.  The quality of donations that the school collects is incredible with various choices and large amounts. The monetary donations help as well as it allows us to purchase items that we might not have collected."

Tsirkas reports that there is more local need than he recalls in many years. "Despite COVID and all the safety measures, we have still been able to collect and distribute to all the various pantries in Glen Cove assisting hundreds of people. Food insecurity was high before but now the numbers are even higher."

If others would like to arrange to donate food or money to Glen Cove Youth Bureau, please contact Executive Director Spiro Tsirkas directly.