In the latest instance of Green Vale's new facilities allowing for enhancements to perennial study units, 6th Grade history classes used the new Innovation Lab for the "What the Ancients Knew" project depicting the ingenuity of the Romans in building cities and forming their influential culture during The Golden Age.

As in prior years, students had a choice between writing a research paper and creating a three-dimensional model of something endemic to ancient Roman society. This year, however, rather than assigning the project to be completed at home, students were allocated classroom time in the Innovation Lab to complete them in school using materials brought from home for their specific endeavor. 

The Lab allowed students access to 3D printers, wood, paint, electric glue guns, and hanging electrical outlets. The outlets allowed students to work alongside their computers to better help plan and implement the specs of their projects. Large tables provided space to collaborate with one another despite this being an individual project.

Finally, another use for the new Bacon & Biondi Building's "flex room" is the easy display of these large projects for all to appreciate.