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Upper School English teacher Natalie Hatami believes in the impact of thoughtful classroom decor and its ability to teach in an informal way. In her new space in the Iselin Center, she has created a corner of green plants and topiaries creatively adorned with laminated poems. Most are famous poems that are easy for students to appreciate on their own, yet some are original works by GVS students eager to be "published" in the forest. In other poetry news, 6th Graders have penned list poems with the theme of gratitude for submission to the New York State Senate's Thanksgiving Day Showcase of original creative work by constituents. 8th Graders are in the midst of a three-week unit in which they are exploring in-depth analysis of poems by D.H. Lawrence, Langston Hughes, Gary Soto, and others. The students have been quick to grasp how easy it can be to write five sentences about two brief lines of a poem. Their writings are often longer than the poems themselves.