Last year, select 5th Grade math students were invited to participate in a weekly problem-solving workshop as a supplement to their regular daily math classes. These sessions were devoted to advanced problem-solving in a collaborative format. As part of this, the group entered the international Math Olympiads. Last year nearly 170,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide participated in the Olympiads. All 50 states and about 35 countries participated.

The Olympiad consists of five contests, administered from November through March. Team members were excited by the opportunity to solve the same problems as peers all over the globe. Last year's results were announced this fall. GVS had substantial success as follows:


Top 2%

Kento Cavallo

Top 30%

Etelle Silvera

Top 40%

Spencer Berrent
Julian Otto
Margaret Chambless
William Garcia
Caroline Myles
Michael Sharifov


About the Math Olympiads
Teams of up to 35 students explore mathematical concepts while developing flexibility in solving non-routine problems with multiple solution paths. Our problems will prepare your students to exceed the rigors of your core curriculum by developing higher-order problem solving skills.