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As part of the Upper School Marine Science Enrichment program, students had a rare opportunity to SCUBA dive using authentic equipment from the pre-World War II era. Borrowing a brass and copper helmet from Brett Curlew, one of the Marine Science instructors who is an accomplished marine archeologist , the students practiced diving in the LIU Post pool down the street from Green Vale. The helmet is one of only a handful worldwide that are fully functioning and safe to use while attached to an air tank above the surface. Walking the floor of the pool for about 10 minutes each, they directly experienced what diving was like before the invention of modern SCUBA equipment. The exercise also complemented lessons on water pressure, air pressure, and buoyancy.

The Marine Science program was launched in 2015 to foster students’ appreciation of the aquatic environment and educate them about ecological issues threatening local marine life. Former Science Department Chair Dr. George Pasquale developed the program for the simple reason: "We live at a location that begs us to study the ocean. It’s shocking how little we know about it.”