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"Words Their Way" is a new spelling curriculum adopted in Green Vale's 3rd Grade. It takes a developmentally appropriate approach to spelling, phonics, and vocabulary and dovetails with the balanced literacy classroom structure being emphasized in K-3rd Grades. The notion of "balanced literacy" refers to the teaching of fluency, comprehension, writing, and word study in an interconnected fashion using small, fluid groups based on precise learning level.

Teacher Lauren White says "With this program, we are teaching students not based on grade-level words, rather we are meeting each speller where they are at developmentally, based on the characteristics of their spellings and misspellings-- their specific spelling stage."

With this curriculum, students actively construct their own knowledge of spelling patterns by interacting with sounds and words, rather than by memorizing a list of words. They work individually, with partners, and in small groups to encourage cooperative learning and individual responsibility. Next year, "Words Their Way" will be employed for 2nd Grade as well.