Resources for Parents


"Green Vale stands with those who are most impacted by the pain of these circumstances."


Dear Families,

Like you, I spent much of the weekend following the news in disbelief. The tragic death of George Floyd is a reminder of significant racial injustice that remains apparent in our country. I know that all of us share a concern for those affected by acts of violence in any form. While it is impossible for me to personally comprehend the fear and pain this moment brings to African American parents, students, alumni, and faculty and staff, Green Vale stands with those who are most impacted by the pain of these circumstances.

Green Vale is a community based on a deep sense of being connected to each other allowing everyone to be heard. Our inclusivity makes us stronger especially when we stop and are present for each other.

While many of our students may be too young to fully comprehend the pain of this moment and its context in today's world, we can take time to pause and listen in support of those who need it. For those students who are older or who are asking questions, it is important to listen to them, answer with honesty, and help them understand as much context as they can process. We are available to support you in these efforts. Meanwhile, we have compiled some excellent resources that may serve as a starting point.

I join you in seeking courage, humility, and compassion in the coming days as we move forward together as a school, city, and nation.

Jesse Dougherty, Ed.D.