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Once again, Green Vale participated in the annual National Geographic School Bee, an annual competition designed to inspire and reward students' curiosity about the world. Students in grades 4-8 from 10,000 schools across the United States will participate this year.

Green Vale began with competitions in each homeroom classroom. The field eventually narrowed to ten finalists (two per participating grade level) who competed to be named Green Vale's Top Geographer before a rapt audience of their peers and teachers. Moderator Jillian Casey and Judges Karenn Ressa and Richard Quinlan adhered to precise protocols for timing, reading questions, assessing answers, and more. The finalists included:

Michael Bianco (4th)
Thomas Cuddeback (4th)
Georgia Dorrian (5th)
Eliza Woodhouse (5th)
Anna Sophia Bloch (6th)
Nick Nyitray (6th)
Dylan Rorech (7th)
Harry Smithie (7th)
Tomas Cushman (8th)
Coco Hills (8th)

Questions were posed to one contestant at a time; incorrect answers gradually narrowed the group to two contestants: Nick Nyitray and Tomas Cushman. The championship round consisted of three questions presented to both contestants who wrote answers to each. When the answers were revealed and verified by the judges, Tomas was declared the winner by having correctly answered:

"Nikumaroro Island is part of Kiribati, located in what ocean?" Answer: Pacific

Other questions included (answers below):

  1. The Midwest Museum of American Art is located just west of the city of South Bend near the confluence of the St. Joseph and Elkhart Rivers in which state?
  2. Antietam battlefield is located in which mid-Atlantic state?
  3. Starting in Seattle, traveling on I-90 east, a driver would enter the panhandle of which state?
  4. The Xinjiang Uygur borders eight Asian countries and has the largest land area in any of the autonomous regions in which country?
  5. The Yokomana and the Kobe are the busiest ports in which Asian country?




1. Indiana 2. Maryland 3. Idaho 4. China 5. Japan