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The Nursery teachers are going the extra mile when it comes to their approach to story time or the time-honored pre-school tradition of reading aloud. Reading aloud promotes language development, pre-literacy skills, self-regulation, sound awareness, empathy, attention span and more. Ashley Hackett, Alison McShea, and Paula Klein are also using the opportunity to encourage students to engage in making connections to stories and even between stories. By reading several versions of classic tales such as "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" or "The Three Little Pigs", they are able to lead the students in a simple form of Comparative Literature. They discuss what is the same, and what is different among the various versions. What do the students notice about the pictures? Which version do they like best? The Nursery teachers also have the students bring the stories to life in other ways, from acting out their favorite part of the story to creating their own props using a variety of materials. For example, they designed a house using sticks, bricks and straw, made wolf masks and tails, and designed porridge bowls.

Throughout Green Vale and later education, formulating a response to what you have read is a skill that students will continue to hone.