Magic Markers are a school staple. But they also constitute a large source of plastic refuse destined for our waterways and oceans. "What to do?", asked Ms. Field's 4th Grade.

As part of integrated lessons on social justice topics, Valerie Field's 4th Grade students began working on a "Save the Earth" project stemming from their burgeoning awareness and concern for environmental issues, particularly the harmful impact of plastic on ecosystems.

They came across the Crayola ColorCycle program where students in K-12 schools across the United States and parts of Canada can collect and repurpose used Crayola markers. The students insisted on bringing this program to Green Vale.

To launch this initiative, the class set up drop-off stations in each division. They researched and crafted a slide presentation on the impact of plastic and this program, and presented it at assembly to educate and involve their peers in other grade levels.

As stewards of the program, these 4th Graders collect, sort, count, and package the discarded markers twice a month for shipping back to Crayola. The total tally will be reported on Earth Day in April.

Together, we can all make ColorCycle a habit at GVS!

Excerpts from the students' slide presentation: