Covid-19 Robot Adoption Project

This is a story of recycling, redemption, collaboration, and community...and the vision of a new teacher! These "robots' were originally constructed by 1st Grade students out of recycled materials last year to replicate the work of a contemporary sculptor who makes robot characters out of recycled metals.

Due to remote learning last spring, the robots were semi-abandoned. When Jorge Rubio arrived to teach K-3rd Grade art at GVS in September, the forgotten robots captured his imagination and a vision for a new destiny began to take shape.

First, he enlisted the 3rd Grade students to put the broken ones back together. The original artists, now in 2nd Grade, agreed to turn their creations into a multi-grade collaboration to document this strange school year and to express our feelings about computers and the pandemic.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade added decorative elements. 2nd and 3rd Grade students added messages about COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

The robot creatures have now been completed and made available for adoption throughout campus. They are cheerful, productive depictions of a complicated time.