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Promptly at 8:30 each Friday morning, Grades 1-5 gather in Harris Theater for weekly assembly. While perhaps lesser known to parents than other elements of the Lower School schedule, students and teachers hold this time together dearly. Never the same week to week, these assemblies always feature a combination of messages and lessons about happenings at Green Vale and about the greater world. Some regular features include the following:

  • All rise for Pledge of Allegiance
  • Student announcements & reminders
  • Faculty announcements & reminders
  • Citizenship Awards
    • Citizenship awards are a concrete way to recognize and celebrate the results of a culture that stops to teach and address character education throughout the day. Each week, 3-4 students are called to the stage one at a time. Lower School Head Linda Gardiner reads a few sentences that specifically recount the reasoning that each recipient is so deserving that week. Students are honored but also have the opportunity to practice standing tall in front of a full audience of peers and shaking Mrs. Gardiner's hand before returning to their seat. 
  • Internal Speakers
    • Recently Mr. Geismar and Ms. Field spoke to students about global warming and how an act as simple as recycling or avoiding disposable water bottles can mitigate serious damage to oceans and the ozone layer. In speaking about Earth as our one and only home, they showed an image taken from the Cassini spacecraft and took the opportunity to explain about the recent Grande Finale and destruction of this trusty machine.
  • Outside Speakers
    • To celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, a musician and storyteller led the students in song and an overview of the Diwali tradition.
    • Joseph Rossano, GVS class of 1978, visited October 25 to preview and discuss his extensive fine art installation inspired by the conservation ethic of Teddy Roosevelt currently on display at Sagamore Hill.
  • 5th Grade Announcers
    • Green Vale's version of "public service announcements" come in the form of monthly comedic skits performed by small groups of 5th Graders, the elder statespeople of Lower School. In October, a group empathized with the plight of Mrs. Feuerbacher in the office when coping with dismissal changes.
  • Closing Song
    • Usually Choral Director Jessica Chen leads the students in a song: generally something seasonally appropriate or a rendition of "The Gratitude Song" in honor of the school year's theme.





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