Where Every Child is Known and Inspired to Excel, to Lead, to Care

Childhood is revered.

With a clear focus on the childhood and early adolescent years, we are able to meet our students “where they are”, corralling all of our institutional expertise toward this magical growth period. Children who grow up at Green Vale experience comforting continuity with familiar teachers, families, campus facilities, and traditions, while also marking milestones that form a true, confidence-building journey. Marking their progress along Green Vale’s continuum, every child is engaged in their own learning.

A close-knit campus of condensed age range allows students to have role models as well as to be role models — a formula for empathy and self-esteem that we actively cultivate through assemblies, one-to-one buddy programs, and all-school events designed to foster invaluable interactions.

Far from getting lost, Green Vale middle schoolers find themselves.

Our faculty are experts at addressing students’ social, emotional, and physical needs during this formative period. The 6th through 8th Grades at Green Vale are not simply “pass-through” years between elementary and high school. It is a proud culmination wherein young adolescents become respected school leaders, not a forgotten population awaiting the end of an awkward phase. At a stage when young people are increasingly self-conscious and inclined to recede from novelty and challenge, our students get endless opportunities to pursue both new and familiar areas of interest, taking risks and shining in the process.

Through innumerable leadership positions from sports captain to editor of the literary magazine or the founder of a new extracurricular club, Green Vale students gain a level of maturity uncommon in typical middle-schools.

With a cheering section of teachers who have seen them outgrow many, many shoes, our young teens feast on a breadth of intellectual, artistic, athletic, and extra-curricular offerings that reveal whom they are — and what they might become. Removed from the shadow of high school, we have more space to prepare for it.

Research confirms the educational advantages we see every day.

In a 2006 report, Rand Education quantifies the case for K-8 schools. While lamenting a nationwide drop in achievement between the fourth and eighth grades, the Rand authors cite research evidencing that students in K-8 schools scored significantly higher than their middle school counterparts on standardized achievement measures in reading, language arts, and math.*

At Green Vale, we relate even more strongly to a Fordham Institute report recognizing “clear evidence that the K-8 model has a significant positive effect on academic achievement, openness to learning, and student behavior.”**

Additionally, a two-year study by American College Testing (ACT) found that 8th Grade academic achievement in a rigorous 8th Grade curriculum has a stronger bearing on future success in high school and college than any high school academic experience.

Green Vale’s alumni vocally agree.

* “Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School”,2006
**“Mayhem in the Middle: How Middle Schools have Failed America—and How to Make them Work”, 2006