The School Day


Arrival by Car
  • Students may not arrive before 8:00.
  • EC drop-off in EC circle only (enter queue via Gate C); 1st-3rd Grade drop-off in main circle only; 4th-8th Grade drop-off at Watters Center only. Siblings may be dropped with youngest sibling.
  • Parents may not accompany their child into any building.
  • All students will sanitize hands as they enter the building.



Dismissal by Car
  • Students will sanitize hands before leaving. 
  • Masks must be worn throughout dismissal when inside or when boarding buses.
  • EC pick-up in EC circle only; 1st-2nd Grade pick-up in main circle only; 3rd-4th Grade pick-up at Watters Center only; 5th-6th Grade pick-up in main circle only; 7th-8th Grade pick-up at Watters Center only. Siblings may be picked up with youngest sibling. Friday dismissal: 1st-3rd Grade pick-up in main circle; 4th-8th Grade pick-up at Watters Center.
  • Students will gather by family in designated waiting spaces where they can remain three feet apart. Adults will use radios to summon children as parent vehicles are spotted.
  • Parents may not enter any building at dismissal.


Bus Transportation

As always, bus usage is the best way to reduce car traffic on campus. All bus districts require masking while on board. Please consider regular or occasional use of the bus if you registered with your district last spring; otherwise remember to register for next school year by April 1.

Cohorts & Physical Distancing

Physical distancing of three feet will be maintained between all individuals while on campus. There may be brief exceptions when safety or the core activity (instruction, moving equipment, using an elevator, traveling in common areas) requires a closer distance.

All instructional spaces have been redesigned
in order to position students three feet apart. Desks will be arranged to face the same direction.

A number of outdoor areas on campus will be tented and available for mask-free outdoor instruction, dining, and other activity whenever possible.

Signage, floor markings and visual aids will illustrate traffic flow and appropriate spacing. All staircases will be designated as up-only or down-only in all buildings. Through 5th Grade, teachers will accompany students during room changes to enforce proper distancing.

Each grade will be its own fixed “cohort” with a specific schedule and space, including locker area. Intermingling of cohorts indoors will be limited by appropriate physical distancing.

Face Coverings

To begin the year, everyone on campus—faculty, staff, students, authorized visitors—must wear a face covering at all times when indoors. Per CDC guidelines, face shields and neck gators are not acceptable substitutes for a cloth (preferable) or disposable mask covering mouth and nose and attached to the ears. Additionally, masks with exhalation valves or vents are not permissible. Teachers will ensure frequent breaks where masks are removed. Mask breaks may also be structured to have every other student alternate their breaks to ensure even greater distance between unmasked students.

We hope to be able to reduce the in-class mask requirement over time. 

Mask usage in Early Childhood will be required as age-appropriate. Pre-Nursery children are exempt from the mask requirement.

People must have their face covering with them at all times and be prepared to use it if an unexpected need arises. Students are expected to arrive at school wearing a clean mask each day, however the School will have disposable masks available to those who forget.   

Read more about the efficacy of cloth face coverings.

Exception: Anyone having difficulty breathing should immediately remove their face covering, ensure physical distance, and if the difficulty continues, consult the nurse.

Dress Code

The GVS Dress Code, without any modifications or exceptions, will once again be in effect for the 2021-2022 school year. Parents and students will find that items that may have been tolerated last year such as hoodies, sweatshirts instead of sweaters, stretch pants or leggings without skirts over them for girls, large logos or writing, striped polo shirts, and colors beyond the specifically noted shades in the Dress Code (white, navy, pale pink, pale blue, pale yellow, gray) will no longer be acceptable.



Homemade lunches served family style in the historic GVS Dining Hall are a hallmark of the Green Vale experience. In the name of safety, however, lunch service will be modified such that lunch will be brought from the kitchen to cohort locations for Pre-K through 2nd Grade and safely served by adults. 3rd-8th Grades will select their own individually packaged lunch options from the dining hall during their designated time. Both hot and cold options will be available, and allergy protocols strictly followed.

Students will enjoy lunch outside as much as possible, with continued physical distancing. Daily snacks will continue to be served in homerooms and will be individually packaged. Hand hygiene before and after eating will be required. 

Students should have refillable water bottle and a stadium cushion for outdoor classes and dining. Please label both items with your child’s name. GVS logo cushions available at

Important note:
until further notice, no outside food may be brought to campus for any purpose.
This includes birthdays and holidays. 

Online Learning

Online Learning will only be used in case of a full class or cohort needing to quarantine due to a potential exposure at GVS.

PE, Athletics, Recess

All grades will continue to participate in Physical Education as part of the regular schedule. Modifications are as follows:

•  Early Childhood and Lower School will continue to have regular outdoor recess with staggered schedules to reduce capacity. Hand hygiene will be required before and after, and physical distancing will be expected. Each cohort will also have its own supply of balls and other play equipment. 

•  When exercising indoors, the physical distancing requirement is six feet. 

•  Playgrounds and equipment will be cleaned between groups

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