Other Initiatives

Cleaning Protocols

GVS will follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.
This includes day cleaning that focuses on high touch points such as door handles, tables, desks, railings, light switches, and other non-porous surfaces being cleaned and disinfected a minimum of 2-3 times during the day. 
We will use an ionizing sprayer (an electro-static sprayer paired with CDC- approved disinfectants) for disinfecting after we complete our cleaning and disinfecting. This technology allows for hard-to-reach places to be disinfected.

We have increased our custodial staff to enable more cleaning during school hours. As mentioned, our facilities staff is receiving training from Northwell Health emphasizing sanitization. Appropriate tiers of cleaning and restricting spaces will be deployed, from daily cleaning to suspected case to confirmed case. Sharing of items will be kept to a minimum, however any necessary shared equipment or items will be cleaned between cohorts. Every classroom has been equipped with surface cleaning supplies. 

Decisions by the Head of School

The Head of School and senior administrative team will remain in close contact with relevant health and education officials, peer schools, and the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS). Either as required by law or at his discretion, Jesse Dougherty may change schedules, cancel events, alter protocols, close school, restrict campus access for parents or visitors, or move to a new learning scenario (hybrid or Online Learning).


Family Travel

Again, it is anticipated that virus prevalence and infection rates will vary regionally and that travel poses additional exposure risk. Therefore, the School discourages all non-essential travel beyond states that border New York. If a need for travel does arise, please use this form to report your plans. In addition, we expect families to seek COVID tests any time they experience heightened risk of exposure, for example following a large event. 

Unlike last year, Online Learning will not be available to students while traveling or following travel. If travel is necessary, the School requires the following for all members of the household, only if they are asymptomatic:

Domestic travel, fully vaccinated: No testing or quarantine is required if you are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 within the past 3 months. Please provide proof of vaccination to School Nurse. 

Domestic travel, non-vaccinated: Return to school upon submission of a negative viral test (PCR or antigen) to School Nurse

International travel, fully vaccinated: Return to school upon submission of a negative viral test (PCR or antigen) result to School Nurse. Please provide proof of vaccination to School Nurse. 

International travel, non-vaccinated: Present any testing or documentation required to re-enter USA to School Nurse. Quarantine not required, but travelers must obtain a lab-based PCR test on day three following return and submit result to School Nurse.


Until further notice, there will be no field trips for any grades. Other community and PA events will be postponed, reconfigured for physical distancing, moved online, or otherwise reimagined. These decisions and details will be communicated individually. Back to School Nights, for example, will not take place in the usual format. 



Social Emotional Well-Being

Teachers create an environment that is affirming and inclusive for each student.  Classroom culture is built on trusting relationships, allowing each student to see themselves reflected in the academic and social fabric of the school and feel a deep sense of belonging within the community.

As they return to school, students will again find roots and a sense of belonging. Green Vale provides the social, emotional, and intellectual tools for students to thrive. Small homeroom groups, advisory groups, academic resource personnel, school psychologists, life-skills teachers, coaches, school nurse, child study teams, and a strong ethos of care supplement the teachers as your child's primary source of stability and confidence at school. Other initiatives include:

  • SEL programs for parents
  • Parent partnerships to ensure new families feel connected and welcomed into the community
  • SEL literature studies
  • Responsive Classroom practices
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) task force to promote anti-racism and anti-bias efforts

Visitor Policy

All campus visitors will have a temperature check and complete a symptom/exposure questionnaire. They will be required to sanitize hands upon entry to all buildings and wear a face covering at all times. Parents will not be permitted to enter any building except for a scheduled appointment or meeting. This includes drop-offs and pick-ups.

Have a question?

Please submit any questions using this form. We will begin by responding individually; otherwise will schedule Q&A sessions by division if the need arises.