Online Learning at GVS

Upon return from spring break, Green Vale began an online learning program for all grades. As always, the focus is to challenge and engage every child as a student and as a person, while emphasizing joy and community.

Principles of GVS Online Learning

As we design this new program, we are guided by the following principles:

  • We believe classes should be live rather than recorded.
  • We will continue to introduce new material; we strive for more than "learning loss prevention."
  • We will prioritize maintaining strong community and interpersonal connections.
  • The quality of the online interaction is far more important than the overall length of time. The daily schedule is therefore intentionally shorter than a regular school day.
  • We will strike a balance between emulating content and routines that students would experience on campus and adapting to the limitations and possibilities inherent in online learning.
  • Every school day subject will be incorporated, from movement/PE to advisory, assemblies...and sometimes even community lunch.
  • Assessment (testing & grading) will have to be different.
  • All grades will have a combination of online and offline activities.
  • This is a work in progress. Teachers, students, and families will need to be patient and flexible while maintaining a sense of humor and expecting a few surprises.

Online Learning Hub

Through the GVS Parent Portal, all aspects of online learning are centralized in one destination. From schedules to tech tutorials to resources for parents, it's all here. Snapshot of home page below:


Admissions During Remote Learning

Our buildings may be quiet, but Admissions is hopping! We continue to seek students and families who believe that a love for learning and a deep awareness of self and community will yield life-long returns. Start with our virtual campus tour or Calendly request to schedule a call with Admissions."

     - Pat Barry,
Online Learning Liaison


The morning live sessions are the perfect amount of time for her. The smaller groups seem to work very well. And the read-alouds and crafts are amazing! We love watching them and she frequently asks “again” at the end. Our expectations for how four year olds could be engaged this way have been exceeded.”

- Jennifer D., Nursery Parent