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Physical Education (Pre-K— 4th)


In the younger grades, the primary goal of the physical education program is to develop self-confidence, promote exercise, and acquire, through a play approach, movement patterns that provide a foundation for more complex physical ability in later years.

As students progress from 1st through 4th Grades, class time increases, as does the level of game organization and corresponding skill acquisition. Balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, sequencing and speed are developed through the use of age-appropriate obstacle courses, scooters, various types of balls, goals, racquets and climbing walls. By the end of 4th Grade, students have begun to explore sport-specific skills in preparation for interscholastic sports beginning in 5th Grade.

A highlight of P.E. during these years are culminating field day events attended by parents, with age-appropriate degrees of competition and lots of cheering.