3:00 PM: Daily stampede to the locker room.

Interscholastic Team Sports Program

In 5th-8th Grades, an interscholastic team sports program is mandatory from 3:00-4:20 Monday through Thursday. For each sport, there is a 5th & 6th Grade team and a 7th & 8th Grade team. Students elect one sport each season.

Green Vale graduates of all eras embody the truism that positive patterns of physical activity acquired during childhood and adolescence are likely to be maintained, yielding a lifetime of physical, mental, and social benefits.

The 5th and 6th graders combine by sport to learn the demands of being part of an organized team, the meaning of sportsmanship in nuanced contexts, and the excitement of interscholastic competition. Game schedules at this level are deliberately sparse, keeping the emphasis on practice and team dynamics.


In 7th and 8th Grades, students are expected to apply their skills and game awareness to a higher level of competition. Coaches continue to teach players what it takes to win -- and what it takes to learn from a graceful loss. More advanced strategic approaches are introduced in preparation for any level of high school athletics.

For the most complete and up-to-date sports schedules, please use our online calendar.