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Past generations gave us the school we treasure. It's now our turn to give to Green Vale.

Hartley rogers, board chair


Capital Campaign Committee

Campaign Co-Chairs
Gabrielle S. Bacon
Catherine B. O’Neill
Hartley R. Rogers
Kearney S. Staniford

Melissa A. Meister

Campaign Committee
Jeffrey L. Busconi
W. Russell Byers
Daniel R. Bystrom
David R. Gelfand
Melissa Meister

Head of School
Jesse N. Dougherty Ed.D.

Lynn E. Dixon ’87
Elizabeth C. Remsen

Allison Pell

Narinder Bhalla
Steve Heithaus
Richard Hirt
Cathy Iannotta


Campaign Donors

(as of 5/8/19)

Lorin and Rocky Agostino
Sheryl and Christopher Albanese
Samantha and John Amante
Gabrielle and Louis Bacon
Liz and Joe Barry
Pat Barry
Veronica and Jamie Beard
Jean J. Beard
Lauren & Phillip Beyer '95
Kavita Mariwalla and Kabir Bhasin 
Jamie and Fran Biondi
Jennifer Drukier and Matthew Birnbaum
Alana and Ian Brock
Martha and Jeff Busconi
Anne and Russell Byers
Lisa and Dan Bystrom
Ron-Alyse and Chip Cammerer
Hiromi Kishimoto and Frank Cavallo
Ginger and Wayne Chambless
Janet & Tom Constance
     - Brian and Trish Constance  D'Anna '93
     - Kevin and JoAnne Constance Kenny '90
Sharon and Darrell Crane
Michelle and Brad Cuddeback '86
Grace A. Cunningham '24
Paula and Christoph Cushman '88
Verena and Rod Cushman
Erica and Joe Daher
Alex Daigh, Jr. '00
Kelley and Chris Davis
Eileen Chau and Rich de Haan
Edouard H. Dejoux '83
Nelson DeMille in memory of Sandy 
Brian and Ashley Levien Dooley '00
Rebecca and Jesse Dougherty
Suzy and Andrew Dubuque
William S. Eakins, Jr. '65
Aimee and George Eberle
Adele and James Eckel
Dalith and Todd Edgar
Debbie & Vincent Feeks
     - Caitlin Hausser
     - Chloe LaConte '25
Susan and Jack Foley
Amy and Chris Garcia
Kathy and David Gelfand
Wendy and Jim Gillies '90
Michelle and Tim Gokey
Kristin and Geoffrey Graham
Megan and Tim Grant '89
Jess and Jon Green
Aileen and Ian Gumprecht '92
Chrysoula and Vasilios Hatzikiriakou
Lilly H. Havens '07
Nicole and Bryan Hogan
Cania S. Infante
Marjorie and Fredd Isaksen
     - Kirsten ‘94 and Jay Benjamin
Andrea Rizzo-Ivezi and Jet Ivezi
Meaghan and John Janedis
Sonia and Sandeep Jauhar
Iris and Saul Katz
     - Heather ‘87 and Daniel Knopf
     - Natalie and Brendan O’Brien

John & Gabrielle DeMatteis Keller '97
Mary Beth and Michael Kelly
Bethany and Parker Kelsey
Jeff and Jenny Bancroft Kelter '79
Victoria Greenleaf and Michael Kempner
Cindy and Steve Ketchum
Virginia M. Knott '02
Jennifer and John Koski
Alex and Chris Trani Koundourakis '89
Leslie and Scott Kravet
Jennifer and Paul Latham
Christine and Luke Lichota
Chiara and James Mai
Robin Maynard
Melissa and Stephen Meister
Charles Melone, Jr.
Susan and Jeff Moore
Nina and Willy Morton, Jr. '84
Lili and Ambrose Monell
Heather and Nicholas Nielsen
Zoé and Mark Nyitray
Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom
Arianne and Hugh O'Kane '93
Patricia and Hugh O'Kane
Kimberly and John O'Kane '99
Ashley and Frank O'Keefe
Catherine Bedrick O'Neill
Sharon and Nelson Pena
Ashley and Ogden Phipps '93
Robin and John Pickett
Missy and Flip Pidot '91
Kerri Beth and David Pollack '96
Emma & Karl Qin
Tami and Adam Radosti
Preethi and Hari Rajan
Matthew P. Restaino '04
Amy Falls and Hartley Rogers
Jessica and Alon Rosin
Brooke and Steven Schonfeld
Catherine and Konrad Schwarz
Tanya and Brian Sheehan
Lihui Qi and Xiuming Shi
Marjorie and Aaron Slonim
Kearney and Dan Staniford '87
Jill and Frank Troise
Julia and Jack Weidinger
Mindy F. Weiss '07
Sara and Benjamin Wells
Heather and Fife Whitman
Josi and Alfred Winkler
Joanna and Oliver Wriedt
Bonnie and Xiang Hua Xu
Despina and Michael Yarian