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Transforming Spaces to Transform Learning

Areas of Impact

Following an extensive master planning process, the Board has approved a capital campaign with a $15 million goal for these priorities:

Peak Learning Experiences

All-School Library


Great schools have great libraries as an intellectual hub for all students. We will combine our two smaller libraries in favor of one 3-level space allowing for quiet study, research & collaboration, and building, testing, programming in a hands-on “maker space”.

Math & Science Center


Three new state-of-the-art science labs and all math and technology classrooms will now be clustered together to allow for increased cross-disciplinary work among these subjects.

Iselin Renovation for Humanities


With the transformation of the existing Upper School building into a Math & Science Center and All-School Library, The Oliver Iselin Center, opened in 1972, will become a hub for Upper School humanities. With new lighting, lobby, and classroom configurations that allow for expanded collaborative space, the Iselin Center will enter a new era. All divisions will continue to use the Iselin Center for music, theater, and visual arts.

Main Welcome Lobby

Main Reception


Relocating the current Lower School library will provide extra space to reconfigure the main building’s lobby into a centralized entry foyer for the entire school. A bright reception area will serve to welcome all visitors to Green Vale's campus.

Admissions Office


There will be a more substantial Admissions space and a logical positioning of the admissions assistant's office adjacent to the director. This renovation will also allow for a glass-enclosed waiting area as well as additional multi-purpose space for Enrichment and other activities.

Faculty Excellence

Teaching & Learning Center


Green Vale has long boasted a dedicated and talented faculty and supported them with ample resources and opportunity for professional development. Going forward, we will amplify our focus on knowledge sharing among faculty to optimize learning for students as well as teachers. The Teaching & Learning Center will expand Green Vale's ability to generate and exchange thought leadership both within our faculty and with other institutions of learning, research, or service.

Endowment Support for Faculty


With a boost to Green Vale's endowment, the School will be able to commit more resources toward attracting, retaining, and developing teachers with the highest levels of subject mastery, age-group expertise, and personal qualities that translate knowledge into inspiration.

Upper School Experience


The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years form the capstone of a Green Vale education. Our faculty turns these years into an experience that embodies the benefits of a grade school. By making these "middle years" a time to explore forms of leadership, and by offering rich academic and extracurricular opportunities with a balance of support and high standards, they build students' confidence and readiness when they need it most. This project will ensure that the Upper School environment mirrors the quality of the program, facilitates the sort of projects our faculty deems most valuable for future learning, and matches or exceeds Green Vale's other academic facilities.