Recent Events


65th Reunion in Greenwich (Classes of 1953, 1954)
Saturday, September 14
12:00 pm

Spirit Knight & Family BBQ
Sunday, September 22
4:00 pm

New Alumni Dinner (Classes of 2016-2019)
Monday, November 25
4:30-6:00 pm

NYC Young Alumni Reception
Thursday, January 30
6:30 pm

Palm Beach Event
Date/Time TBA

Green Vale Mets Night at Citi Field
Date/Time TBA

4th - 8th Grade Blue/Gold Day
Friday, May 29

Alumni & Past Families Reception
Friday, June 5
6:30 pm

Additional reunions and events TBA

For more information on alumni events, please contact Alexandra Shaheen, Associate Director of Development, at (516) 628-5197 or


Introducing GVS Connects, a new way to network within the GVS community:

As you navigate your education and career paths, the Alumni Office will soon be able to connect you with other GVS graduates from a specific school or industry. To facilitate these introductions, the Alumni Office is compiling a database of volunteers who are willing to be contacted and serve as a resource for others.

If you would like to represent your past/present secondary school, college, graduate school or industry, please click below.

Thank you for helping further Green Vale's mission to encourage a lifetime of learning.

Alumni News

50 Years at GVS: Peter Zaloom is Honored


Graduation 2019

Blue/Gold Day 2019

Knightlines: Green Vale's Alumni Newsletter

Class Agents


(Class agents needed for missing years)
Class Year
Henry 'Dusty' Reeder '53
Mary 'Mimi' Kirk '54
Larry Schmidlapp '59
Judy Tabler Cook '62
Innis O'Rourke '65
Marian Lindberg '69
Nancy Hawkins '73

Mimi French

Hank Kimmel '75
Helen Bonebrake '76
Lila Huwiler '77
Claudia 'Shrimp' Boldyga '82
Harold Bost '83
Suzannah Smith '85
Daryle Bost '86
John Fredericks & Whitney 'Whit' Pidot '88
Chad Doerge & Lauren Duff '89
JoAnne Kenny '90
L.J. Jollon & Heather Upton '91
Oakley Duryea '92
Townsend Bancroft, Trish D'Anna, Katherine Colsher, & Seth Pidot '93
Eliza Franson '94
Jonathan Connors & Bruce Korson II '95
Alexis Moed '96
Lily Gray & Heidi O'Connell '97
John LaPorta '98
Lee Lee Duryea & Dave Knott


Garett Vassel '00
Victoria Pool Holm & Rylan Soref '01
Meg Smiles '02
Cryder Bancroft, Carly Postal, Nick Remsen, & Peter Wilson


Lily Haydock & Zach Remsen '04

Jamie Burchfield, Nick Newburger, & Morgan Smith

Alison Browne, Ripley Hartmeyer, & Lauren Russo '06
Holly Constants & Anthony Russo


Marielle Lafaire & Mason Leonard '09
Billy Remsen '10
Gracie Lafaire '11
Grant Newburger & Caroline Zerilli '12
Ella Barry, Austen Flink, Christopher Lall, & James Yarian '17
Danielle Burke, Tomas Cushman, Jack Jervis, Eric Suh, & Isabella Zhang '18