Why Green Vale?

Superior academics, a joyful atmosphere, and emphasis on character education lead Green Vale graduates to excel in the top secondary schools and colleges...and in life.

Academic Excellence

At Green Vale we often hear from our students that here “it is cool to be smart”. Maintaining a tone that is both joyful and academically serious has long been key to our students’ success in later years. At every level our students are challenged by a progressive skills-based curriculum that incorporates above-grade-level content. Again, our “know each child” approach allows advanced coursework to be the norm, without undue pressure or stress.

Supportive Community

Green Vale is a true community of students, teachers and parents. By feeling known and supported, our students have the confidence to take risks and try new things, whether in the classroom, on the sports field or up on stage.  Our students are also proud of what makes them different, work to promote an environment of inclusion and empathy, where each feels supported by their peers.

Strength of Size

Green Vale is the largest and most demographically diverse PN-8th Grade, independent school on Long Island. While we are committed to maintaining individualized attention, through small class sizes, our size allows for our students to have a more socially robust environment and access to a wide array of academic and extra-curricular programs.

Dedicated Resources

Thanks to the ongoing commitment of our alumni and parents, Green Vale has the resources to meet the immediate needs of our community to keep safe and provide our students with the tools they need, in an environment that inspires learning. In addition, it is these resources that allow Green Vale to attract the best and brightest, by providing  financial support for current families, as well as for faculty and staff as they pursue their own professional development goals.

Character Education

Students explore the meaning of character through leadership and participation in service opportunities. They are taught that their actions affect themselves, other people and the environment, with both local and global ramifications. Our students come to understand that differences in culture, race, religion, ideology, geography and community lead to the richest form of learning available.

Enriching Lives for over 95 Years
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Hear from GVS Parents
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Hear from GVS Students
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Our Graduates