Where Every Child is Known and Inspired to Excel, to Lead, to Care

Selecting a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. As you begin your search for the right educational environment to nurture and challenge your child, we hope our web site is both informative and question-provoking— so that we can respond in person. Ideally, these pages will create a glimpse into how Green Vale's mission, philosophy and offerings can inspire your child to Excel, to Lead and to Care.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your insights about your child or children. Tell us what your family values most in a school, and what you hope to gain in an educational community. Our web site, our printed materials, and our open house events will all support this conversation. Please take the next step and visit Green Vale. Walk the hallways, observe a literature discussion group, listen to a concert rehearsal, note faculty engaging with students over lunch, see and hear our youngest students bound off to technology, science, art, and sports: all of these moments provide a glimpse into the excellence and enthusiasm that pervade daily life on our beautiful 40-acre campus.

Green Vale is a unique community with many wonderful & wonder-filled students and teachers. Please call the Admissions Office to schedule a visit or complete the Admissions Inquiry Form. We hope to see you on campus soon.

Pat Barry
Director of Admissions
Brianne Goodman Dishaw '96 P '24, '28
Admissions Assistant

2018-19 Open House Dates:

October 16
November 14
January 24
April 11

“What I have in mind is a classroom where students sit around a table with a teacher who talks to them and instructs them by a tutorial or conference method, where each student feels encouraged to speak up.”

Edward Harkness
20th Century Educator & Philanthropist

“Education is about helping students become both smart and good.”