Private School Nassau County: The Green Vale School

The right school environment during the early childhood, elementary, and middle school years can have as profound an impact on your child's education
and later life as a top high school or college. 

This is a sentiment echoed by our graduates, long after their time at Green Vale.

 Why Green Vale?

Academic Excellence

At every age, Green Vale students are challenged by a progressive skills-based curriculum that features above-grade-level content. Students enter high school not only ahead of their peers in course placement, but with strong self-advocacy and executive functioning skills that allow them to take on new challenges and subjects. 

When kids are known and supported by their peers and the adults around them, they stretch intellectually, knowing that they are safe and in it together. Here, it's cool to be smart, and hard work is infectious.

Green Vale School Student
Green Vale School Students

Joyful Environment 

Kids at Green Vale love school. Laughter and fun are part of every day. This is by design. When you love school, you will love learning.

A culture of utmost respect and a belief that social emotional learning facilitates all other learning leads to classroom environments that can be lively and flexible without being chaotic.

Key to this is strong parent involvement, a celebration of individual differences, and a commitment to inclusion that leads to the richest learning available.

Strength of Size

Green Vale is the largest and most demographically diverse toddler – 8th grade independent school on Long Island.

With at least three homeroom sections in  every grade, we maintain small class sizes and individualized attention while also allowing for a more socially robust environment and access to a wider array of programs.

Green Vale School Students Theatre Production
Green Vale School Early Childhood Preschool

Focus on Early Learning

With an exceptional program starting at age two, Green Vale ascribes to the notion "the earlier the better" when it comes to investing in education. Since GVS is a Pre-N to 8th grade school, our focus is squarely on providing young students with strong fundamentals, individualized attention, and access to a broad range of programs from music and arts to foreign language to robotics.

At each turn, our students are expected to be role models for the grades below them, and have ample opportunities for leadership in the classroom, on the playing field, and beyond. 

Character Education

We view character education as the unifying principle at the heart of every division, every classroom, every lunch period. Through this coordination of efforts, positive behaviors become contagious. Students explore the meaning of character through leadership and participation in service opportunities. They are taught that their actions affect themselves, other people and the environment, with both local and global ramifications. Our students come to understand that differences in culture, race, religion, ideology, geography and community lead to the richest form of learning available.

Green Vale School early childhood middle school
Green Vale School Tradition Blue and Gold day

Tradition & Innovation

Since 1923, Green Vale has been proudly rooted in institutional tradition. There is a clear sense of feeling part of something larger than oneself, and a kinship with generations who have taken part in beloved events and activities. However Green Vale is also oriented toward the future, for our students and for the institution. Our North Star is "what is best for kids" given the world they are entering, and we enthusiastically embrace new ways of bringing that to their education.