Green Vale Early Childhood Students
An early investment in education has an impact that lasts a lifetime.
We recognize that investing in an independent school education requires considerable thought and planning. The Green Vale community is bolstered by our record of attracting families from throughout Long Island who want to cultivate their child's academic and personal potential in an environment that is both stimulating and nurturing.
In addition to structuring tuition as all-inclusive, there are a number of other avenues to make Green Vale more accessible:

Flexible Payment Options 
Green Vale offers a number of flexible payment schedules through SmartTuition. Tuition may be paid annually, semi-annually, or structured over ten months, deducted automatically from a checking account or credit card.

529 Plans 
As of 2018, the IRS permits up to a $10,000 per year distribution from 529 accounts in order to finance private school education (K-12). Please consult your financial advisor to learn more.

Tuition Assistance 
If you value the benefits of an independent education, but worry about the affordability, here are a few things you should know:
  • Each year Green Vale awards over $1.5 million dollars in tuition assistance. 
  • 19% of Green Vale families currently receive some tuition assistance.
  • Students entering Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade are eligible.
  • Applications for admission are considered on a need-blind basis.
  • All families contribute some portion of tuition. 
  • Recipients must demonstrate financial need annually.

Applying for Assistance 
Families seeking to be considered for financial aid must submit an application through the School and Student Services (SSS) platform, GVS Code 3562, starting on November 1st. Green Vale awards its grants on a rolling basis, based on the funds available. 

The information reported in the SSS application will provide our financial aid committee with a recommendation of how much a family can contribute. All information received is held in the strictest confidence. Families pay all incidental expenses and any tuition not covered by the financial aid award. 

To learn more about the process of applying for Financial Assistance, review our most recent webinar.

Tuition Insurance 
Many families want the peace of mind of knowing that their tuition investment is protected should unexpected circumstances arise. Families may obtain tuition insurance through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. for an additional monthly annual fee.

Tuition Schedule 2023-2024
Pre Nursery (3 days) $10,300
Pre-Nursery (5 days) $16,600
Nursery $23,000
Pre-Kindergarten $25,800
Kindergarten $31,600
1st Grade $35,100
2nd Grade $35,400
3rd Grade  $37,400
4th Grade $38,300
5th Grade  $40,200
6th Grade  $42,600
7th Grade $42,600
8th Grade $42,600







The above rates include fees for tuition, lunch & snacks, field trips, books, Chromebooks (K-7th Grade), athletic and arts programs, classroom supplies, and most other incidental expenses.

Items such as extended day, after-school programs, certain sports, and instrument rentals are billed separately.

For additional questions, contact Director of Finance Richard Hirt.