The Beginnings program at Green Vale is a "Mommy & Me" experience.
Beginnings offers the very young child (9-23 months) the opportunity for exploratory, interactive, and parallel play with their caregiver as well as their peers. We welcome all adult caregivers and have been fortunate to have mothers, fathers, grandparents, and nannies participate. The grown-ups enjoy connecting with other adults as the children start to experience what school is all about. Everyone loves starting their day at Green Vale.

Beginnings Registration Form

A Beginnings

Monday - Friday
8:30 - 10:00 am

8:30 am
Arrival & Welcome

8:45 am
"Hello Song" & Overview of Morning

8:50 am
Open Play, Parents Chat & Coffee

9:05 am
Music, Movement or Library

9:25 am
Snack & Story Time

9:40 am
Clean Up

9:45 am
Playground or Playdough & Coloring*
*depending on the weather

10:00 am
Goodbye Song & Dismissal

Our Beginnings classroom is equipped with a changing table as well as an age-appropriate bathroom. Allergy-sensitive snacks are provided daily.