We can’t follow them to high school. So we make sure their next environment is a perfect match.

Secondary School Placement

Our graduates are our pride and joy. Because we have quite literally watched each child grow up, we are in an excellent position to help guide families through the secondary school selection and application process.

Having hit their academic and extracurricular stride, our students begin this process with a strong sense of themselves, their strengths, and their goals. In this context, the evaluation of high school options is purposeful rather than hypothetical.

The Green Vale experience springboards our graduates into leadership and success at the high school level.

Because we have placed so many graduates both locally and out of state, and kept abreast of their post-Green Vale adjustment and performance, we know the secondary school landscape inside and out. And secondary schools know and love us back. Our graduates are such well-prepared, active participants in school life that these schools eagerly await the next Green Vale arrival(s).

Over the last five years, 95% of GVS students have been accepted to their first choice high school.