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Congratulations, Class of 2024: A Journey of Achievement and Growth

Congratulations, Class of 2024: A Journey of Achievement and Growth

While the graduating Class of 2024 may have been small in size, they certainly made up for it in camaraderie, character, and achievements. On June 11, the 8th Grade graduation ceremony commenced with a procession of faculty, administration, and staff, leading the way for our esteemed 26 graduates. Dr. Jesse Dougherty, Head of School, extended a warm welcome, setting the stage for the insightful address by the chosen student speaker, Henry Macauley Woodhouse ’24.

In a heartfelt speech, Woodhouse reflected on the 8th Grade’s journey at Green Vale. He likened their experience to completing a jigsaw puzzle, with each person and experience contributing to their growth. He acknowledged the essential roles played by the Head of School, Early Childhood and Lower School Directors, teachers, custodians, kitchen staff, security guards, administrators, and parents in shaping their path.

Woodhouse emphasized how the class of 2024 has matured intellectually, emotionally, and socially, preparing them for the next chapter of high school. He compared their growth to fitting the pieces of a puzzle together, with each individual and memory being a crucial part of the final picture. Woodhouse highlighted the importance of carrying forward the lessons learned and memories made, saying, "As we move forward, we need to reflect back on what was great in our last puzzle to bring into our new one." He concluded by expressing his gratitude for the time spent at Green Vale, a place he will always consider his second home.

Faculty speaker, Karenn Ressa, Upper School Librarian and Green Vale veteran of 27 years, shared her love for birdwatching and drew parallels from Christian Cooper's experiences to impart valuable life lessons to the graduates. Ressa emphasized the significance of discovering and nurturing one's passions, standing firm in one's principles, exercising caution in social media interactions, and upholding human dignity. Reflecting on Cooper's story, she underscored the importance of listening to one's intellect, conscience, and heart in navigating life's complexities. 

Graduates took the stage for the full class’ choral performance of “I’ll Always Remember You” by Miley Cyrus. In keeping with a remarkable tradition, each graduate’s faculty advisor delivered personalized remarks about each student as the diplomas were presented. 

Dr. Dougherty, began his valedictory address by expressing gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support and partnership, highlighting unique aspects of their involvement. Dr. Dougherty also thanked the trustees for their commitment to the school's mission, the faculty for their dedication to learning, and all Green Vale staff for their pride in their work. He acknowledged the critical role these groups played in preparing the graduates for their future, instilling in them the values and skills needed to become conscientious adults.

Addressing the graduates, Dr. Dougherty celebrated their academic and character development, citing philosopher John Dewey's belief in the power of reflection over mere experience. He noted that the graduates have learned to learn, developed strong character through community acts, and built agency, the capacity to shape their futures. "As Dewey noted, your real learning comes from reflection more than the experience itself," he said, underscoring the importance of continuous reflection and learning. 

Dr. Dougherty praised the graduates for their readiness to face future challenges, encouraging them to keep reflecting, learning, and communicating as they move forward.

Lifers (graduates who attended Green Vale since Nursery or earlier)
Lilly Kenny
Evan L’Esperance
Harry Woodhouse
Annabelle Qin

Graduation Awards
Buckley Award for Effort and Achievement
Madelyn Carroccio
Sarah Modell

Head Of School Awards
Lilly Grace Kenny
Shane Morris
Jackie Shi

Robert Fenwick Jackson Bowl for Excellence in Academic and Athletic Endeavor
Lana Alvarez
William Edward Morris

Thomas M. Bancroft, Jr. Citizenship Award
Alexandra Kae Lustig
Dylan Moritz

Penny Doerge Character Award
Christopher John Martelli

Benjamin Farnsworth Vanderpoel Award
Oliver Thomas Moodie

Derby Medal For Strong Character
Shayla Durrett

Year-End Awards
The Frederick Driscoll Award: 
Tabler Kelsey

Brock Award For Excellence In Art: 
Sarah E. Modell

Class Of 1967 Music Award For Effort And The Advancement Of Music At Green Vale:
For Chorus: Shayla Durrett    
For Ensemble: Dylan Moritz 

Cheryl L. Webb Girls' Athletic Award:
Lilly Grace Kenny

Joseph J. Julien Athletic Award For Excellence In Athletics: 
Dylan George Ahern

The Marguerite K. Wheeler Award For Mathematics: 
Janis Vitols

Carlyle J. Coash, Jr. History Award:
Alexandra Kae Lustig

The Jonpatrick Barry Science Award:
William Edward Morris

Warner Speech Contest Winner:
Shayla Durrett

Ruth E. Deakins Bowl For Class Six Highest Average:
Shyer Bhasin, Sonia Malhotra & Mina Mitby

Sevastopoulo Bowl For Class Seven Highest Average: 
Kaito Cavallo, Jacob Jurim & Jourdyn Taylor

The John C. Green Bowl For The Highest Academic Average In Class Eight (Girl & Boy) 
Dylan Moritz & Shayla Durrett