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2023 Graduation & Awards

Closing Exercises for the Centennial Class of 2023 began with a procession of faculty, administration, and staff, followed by a procession of graduates. The graduating class selected a student speaker, Noah Daher ‘23, and a faculty speaker, Devon Cohen, Upper School history teacher.

Daher emphasized the readiness of his class to enter their next life chapter. “To all the parents with children going to schools, both boarding and day, don't be sad. Be happy that your child is taking the next steps in their journey.” He continued, “we should not be scared about the future, we should be happy that Green Vale is giving us the knowledge to be able to properly go to that future.”

Cohen noted the affection he will always have for his first group of students as a full-time teacher, calling them “this extremely colorful, uniquely distinct class.” He spoke about respect for differences, noting that “keeping an open mindset will be more beneficial to you in the long run than some of you may realize at this point in your lives.”

“Focus on demonstrating your individuality rather than conformity, because it is your individuality that ultimately is worth celebrating.” - Devon Cohen

Attendees raved for days after the ceremony about the full class’ choral performance of “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane.

In keeping with a remarkable tradition, each graduate’s faculty advisor delivered personalized remarks about each student as the diplomas were presented. 

Head of School Jesse Dougherty gave a valedictory address with a theme of storytelling. He explained that in preparation for the 100th year of Green Vale, he had to consider what stories should be told about the School. He reflected that graduation is a similar moment for graduates to ponder the stories they will tell about their past and how those will inform their futures.

He shared that great stories are self-reflective, and many come from failure and contradiction that lead to growth. Although the graduates’ stories are just beginning, Dougherty complimented them on a head start of practicing reflection, failure, perspective, and listening to others.

Lifers (graduates who attended Green Vale since Nursery or earlier)
Ashani Ahuja
River Aryeh
LuElla Bacon
Paige D’Anna
Timmy Grant
Hunter L’Esperance
Reese L’Esperance
Caroline Myles
Chase O’Brien
Ogden Phipps
Lucy Woodhouse

Graduation Awards
Buckley Award for Effort and Achievement

Sienna Sara Edgar 
Thomas W. Grant III

Head Of School Awards
River Essie Aryeh 
Ogden Mills Phipps II 
Emma Chloe Slonim

Robert Fenwick Jackson Bowl for Excellence in Academic and Athletic Endeavor
William Garcia 
Penelope S. Chun

Thomas M. Bancroft, Jr. Citizenship Award
Leyla M. Casimir 
Lachlan Neil Vogel

Penny Doerge Character Award
William Fitzgerald Busconi

Benjamin Farnsworth Vanderpoel Award
Caroline Field Myles 

Derby Medal for Strong Character
Noah Daher

Year-End Awards
Frederick Driscoll Award 
Margaret M. Dubuque

Brock Award for Excellence In Art 
Elizabeth A Gokey 

Class Of 1967 Music Award for Effort and the Advancement of Music at Green Vale
Chorus: Veronica Moran Edwards
Ensemble: Samantha Elizabeth Jurim 

George V. Bartlett Rose Award for Shop
Lilly Tower McMillen

John A. Cosentino Drama Award
Samantha Elizabeth Jurim

Cheryl L. Webb Girls' Athletic Award
Reese Elle L’Esperance

Joseph J. Julien Athletic Award for Excellence in Athletics 
William Phelan Kelly

Marguerite K. Wheeler Award for Mathematics 
Kento Cavallo

Carlyle J. Coash, Jr. History Award
William Garcia

JonPatrick Barry Science Award
Luke Ferraro
Alexandra Davis Zarou

Warner Speech Contest
Etelle J Silvera

John C. Green Bowl for Highest Academic Average in 8th Grade
Clover Curry, Alastronia O’Donnell, Etelle Silvera & William Garcia