Where Every Child is Known and Inspired to Excel, to Lead, to Care

Stroll our campus.
Peek into any classroom.

Our mission is evident everywhere you look:

Our values:

  • To deliver the highest quality education;
  • To develop well-rounded students;
  • To foster a community based upon respect, responsibility, caring and citizenship;
  • To encourage diversity of ideas, backgrounds and cultures;
  • To provide a nurturing environment where every student can work toward his or her full potential.

The New York State Association of Independent Schools reports:
The Green Vale School is an impressive place with equally impressive people working in every corner of the campus. What the Visiting Committee found was a school with a rich history and tradition anchored in the communities and families of the North Shore of Long Island that is also a modern 21st century school. It is a school that embraces change but does not run to it. There is a method behind all that they do and a clear sense that any change must serve the mission. As a committee, we feel that we are probably taking more back to our schools than we can offer to Green Vale.
- Excerpt from the 2014 Report of the Decennial Visiting Committee