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Green Vale Lower School Student

Our Mission

In a vibrant program of academics, arts, athletics and character education, The Green Vale School inspires and challenges all students to be their best.

A Green Vale education instills confidence and competence, while promoting respect and responsibility as cornerstones for a lifetime of learning and global citizenship.

Sincere consideration for each child fosters a love of learning and teaches children to excel, to lead and to care.

Our Values

  • To deliver the highest quality education;
  • To develop well-rounded students;
  • To foster a community based upon respect, responsibility, caring and citizenship;
  • To encourage diversity of ideas, backgrounds and cultures;
  • To provide a nurturing environment where every student can work toward his or her full potential.

A Commitment to Diversity

The Green Vale School believes in diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values of our community. The School does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. We prioritize the importance of fostering a diversity of ideas and perspectives as part of the learning process. In a community where respect is a guiding principle, learning and compassion are enhanced when a variety of curricular ideas and student perspectives are present and appreciated. Each student contributes his or her unique value as a member of our supportive community of students, faculty, and families. Recruiting and welcoming families and staff members of varied backgrounds, races, and cultures helps generate a variety of experiences and viewpoints, thus reinforcing the School's mission and strengthening the community.


The New York State Association of Independent Schools reports:
The Green Vale School is an impressive place with equally impressive people working in every corner of the campus. What the Visiting Committee found was a school with a rich history and tradition anchored in the communities and families of the North Shore of Long Island that is also a modern 21st century school. It is a school that embraces change but does not run to it. There is a method behind all that they do and a clear sense that any change must serve the mission. As a committee, we feel that we are probably taking more back to our schools than we can offer to Green Vale.  
- Excerpt from the 2014 Report of the Decennial Visiting Committee


New York State Association of Independent Schools CSEE Member School