Faculty & Staff

Green Vale’s greatest asset is its diverse and dedicated faculty made up of individuals who are expert in their fields and passionate about sharing their knowledge with children.

With an average tenure of 14 years at Green Vale and 17 years’ teaching experience, our 58 full-time faculty bring tremendous experience, stability and cultural continuity. Many faculty members wear multiple hats, serving as deans, coaches, or club leaders. Teachers at Green Vale are supported by an administration committed to ongoing professional development and education.

Though a generous faculty enrichment program, they regularly attend local and national conferences and workshops on myriad topics.

They may also apply for extended study or travel. Through these activities, they maintain cutting-edge expertise in their respective grade level and academic discipline and become close-up role models for students expanding their own horizons and discovering their own potential. Because of Green Vale’s proximity to New York City, teachers also take advantage of cultural and other opportunities to enrich the knowledge and perspective they bring to students.

A snapshot of our faculty

  • Median tenure at Green Vale: 14 years
  • Percentage with graduate degrees (M.A. or higher): 88%